Hi, my name is Alex Kurilov. I am a Director and Writer. I am currently based in Moldova, which is a small country with no film industry, in South Eastern Europe.

I‘ve always wanted to be a Director, but since no films are being made in Moldova I had to start working in the advertising business, producing spots for all needs and purposes besides film. In the ten years that I‘ve been doing that I‘ve developed a special kind of affinity toward all things graphic and especially 3D animation. We‘ve done our share of commercial projects using these techniques and I decided that it is my best shot, for now at least, to produce a narrative film of my own. So, we‘ve developed a few animated projects that we are eager to start production of. The development process has consumed pretty much all of our reserves and now we are at a stage where we‘re ready to start production but can‘t afford it, just yet.


 The first project we would like to produce is a film called IN EXILE. It is a short film about a seven-year old, provincial boy who is separated from both his parents and has to face life‘s challenges, on his own. Both his parents live in a different country, trying to make a bit more money. He is left in the care of his grandmother, who can‘t really give him the kind of moral support he needs. So, he willingly exiles himself to an abandoned river-bank shed, where he works on a flying machine that, in his mind, will take him to his parents. Until one day he makes an unexpected friend and gives up on his flying machine project to take care of this new friend.
It is a coming of age story really, that tackles a very serious, global, social issue.


"In Exile" is a Kurilov Group project. Kurilov Group is the result of 8 years in the media business. We"re a small team of young, keen professionals that does film, television and all kinds of media projects. We"ve done ads for clients from all over the world (U.S.A., Israel, Holland, Romania, Russia). Of course there is only so much you can do for your clients, and most of the time that"s because of the clients themselves. Passion for film is what brought us to this business in the first place and we have been working very hard on each of our projects.


The film‘s subject is a very sensitive one and every piece of material every produced on this subject has always been very dramatic. We wanted our film to be entertaining and fun to watch, whilst tackling this delicate subject. The film is meant to be submitted to festival around Europe, North America dn Australia to raise awareness and to try and make a difference.


What do I get if I donate?


If you contribute to the production of this film you get awesome perks!
But more importantly you become part of the team with access to the process and you contribute to the production of the very first completed Moldovan 3D animated film.
What if you don‘t meet your goal? 
If we don‘t meet our goal, this film will still happen. Maybe it will takes longer and maybe it will end up being shorter than we initially planned, but it will get made.
Who are you and what do you do?
You can find out everything you need to know about us via the link provided at the top of the page. you can look into our portfolio, access out official website and see other pages we are presented on online. 
How else can I help? 
You can spread the word and motivate other to pitch in. Tell your friends about this unique projects and encourage them to come on board!


Have another idea? Need to tell us something?
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